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Phoenix .bat File Examples

EthereumPOW (ETHW)

PhoenixMiner.exe -coin eth -pool -wal WALLET_ADDRESS -pass x -worker WORKER_NAME

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

PhoenixMiner.exe -coin etc -pool -wal WALLET_ADDRESS -pass x -worker WORKER_NAME

Phoenix Crypto Miner Setup

Download the latest Phoenix from the link above. After that, extract the archive and go to the folder with the miner. Select the coin you are interested in for mining and edit the .bat file. If you have not yet chosen what you want to mine, then we recommend that you first go to our mining calculator, where you can specify your video card and get the most profitable coin for the current day. Above you will find ready-made examples of bat files for each coin that you can mine on our pool. You will only have to specify your wallet address and, if desired, the name of the worker (rig).

Miner Basic Commands

-coin select the coin you want to mine;
-proto select the stratum protocol, for our pool use -proto 1;
-amd mining only on AMD video cards;
-nvidia mining only on Nvidia video cards;
-nvidia mining only on video cards Nvidia;
-gpus <123 ..n> only specific video cards will be mined, the ID is set without spaces or commas. Example -gpus 12379. If there are more than 10 video cards, then separate them with commas.

Miner Overclocking

-cclock set the core clock in MHz. For Nvidia graphics cards, use relative values like +200. In this case, the command looks like this: -cclock +100;
-cvddc set the core voltage in MV. For Nvidia graphics cards, use relative values like +200. In this case, the command looks like this: -cvddc +100;
-mclock set the memory frequency in MHz, for example: -mclock 1200;
-mvddc set the voltage cores in MB;
-straps memory bar level (0 - default);
-powlim set graphics card power limit in % (-75 to 75, 0 by default).

GPU Temperature Monitor

-tt set the target core temperature of the video card and cooler control (0 - no fan control, negative - fixed fan speed by n%).

Phoenix Common Errors/Issues

Error -61 is CL_INVALID_BUFFER_SIZE - lack of memory in the video card.
Probably you are trying to mine EthereumPOW fork. Please specify -allcoins 1 or -allpools 1 option - If you see this error, you should use a different miner. By this link you can pick up a new miner.

Dev Fees

ETH - 0,65%
ETC - 0,65%

Phoenix not starting

If you have Windows OS and the miner crashes immediately at startup, then add pause to the second line of the miner. Next, start the miner and read the error. After that, double-check your miner settings. If you have HiveOS or any other OS - go to the miner console and look at the logs of what is happening in the miner. After that, double-check your miner settings.