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Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Binance Exchange is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges founded in 2017 in Hong Kong. Now it is no longer even an exchange, but a whole ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. You can trade cryptocurrencies, withdraw fiat to your bank card, buy NFTs and much more. Binance supports pool coins such as ETH, ETC, RVN, CTXC, FIRO.

How to deposit to Binance

It is very easy to transfer the cryptocurrency mined on our pool. Sign up for Binance or log in with your username and password. Go to the Spot Account menu, then select one of the coins from the pool above that you are going to mine. Opposite the coin, press the Deposit button. Wait for the generation of the cryptocurrency address and then use it in the miner or in the pool's personal account in the Cryptocurrency Withdrawal field.

How To Withdraw From {exchange}

Withdraw can only be done from a Spot account. If your currency that you want to withdraw is not yet in the spot account, then transfer it there first. Next, select it in your spot account and click the Withdraw button next to it. Next, another important step is the choice of a cryptocurrency network. There are several of them on Binance and it is very important to choose the right one. As a rule, the native/original cryptocurrency network is used. Next, enter the withdrawal amount, check if the commission suits you. For example, there are several withdrawal networks for withdrawing the USDT token - TRC20, ERC20, Polygon, BEP20 and others. In the ERC20 network, commissions are several times higher than other networks. After selecting the withdrawal network and the withdrawal amount, fill in the additional verification fields - 2FA code, the code that will be sent to your email and the code from SMS. After that, within a short period of time, the withdrawal will be carried out.

P2P Binance

P2P (Pear to Pear) is a market where people can directly exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money (euro, dollars) in almost any country in the world. You simply choose the currency you want to buy, choose the offer you like and start the exchange. After the exchange has taken place, you confirm it in your personal account of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and your deposit is debited from your account. Attention! Always double-check that the money has arrived in your account before confirming the transaction. Otherwise, you will not be able to return them. When choosing a person with whom you want to make a deal, always pay attention to the number of his completed exchanges. The more of them, the more reliable this seller.

Binance Futures

What is Futures? Cryptocurrency futures are contracts between two investors who place a bet on the future price of a cryptocurrency. They allow investors to access select cryptocurrencies without having to buy them. Crypto futures are similar to standard commodity or stock futures contracts because they allow you to bet on the price path of the underlying asset.

Binance Reviews

Binance is one of the exchanges that we personally and our community of miners use almost every day. You can safely choose it as one of your cryptocurrency exchanges. It has perhaps the only drawback - mandatory full verification in any country in the world.

Binance Fees

Withdrawal Fees

USDT (TRC-20) - 1 USDT
USDT (Polygon) - 0,6 USDT
LTC - 0,001 LTC
BTC - 0,0002 BTC

Spot Trading Fees

Spot trading - 0.1% and below for BNB holders (Binance exchange token)

Futures Trading Fees

USD-M futures trading - 0.02% (Maker) and below for BNB holders
USD-M futures trading - 0.04% (Taker) and below for BNB holders
COIN-M futures trading - 0, 01% (Maker) and below for BNB holders
COIN-M Futures trading - 0.05% (Taker) and below for BNB holders

Cross-collateral Fees

BTC - 0.24% and below for BNB holders
ETH - 0.24% and below for BNB holders